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Binding rules and conditions for using the services of the web site called WISfA which is operated by the company Eugene László - hereinafter referred to as the operator - anyone who wants to use these services is required to comply therewith. The operator is the authorized operator and administrator. The operator provides services within the scope of the operation of this website, thus allowing users to insert and search advertisements and other forms of advertising.


A user of the WISfA web services is any person or company which has registered and thus has accepted these terms and conditions for using this web site.


The user is not authorized to use the services of the WISfA web site for any purposes contrary to law.


The operator does not collect any data of personal nature. The contact link is only the user´s e-mail address.


The user acknowledges that the data provided voluntarily by him on the WISfA web site can be used by a third party.  However, the operator does not assume any responsibility for any unauthorized intervention of third parties, as a result of which these persons gain access to users' data, and so on. The user confirms that he is aware of the risks in this respect arising for him from the above-mentioned manipulated interventions by third parties.


The user agrees to receive emails in the mailbox, the address of which he stated in connection with the use of the WISfA web services. Emails may be of informational or promotional nature and will be sent by the operator.


The operator assumes no liability for the damage directly or indirectly or incidentally incurred by the user or third parties, arising out of or in connection with the use of the WISfA web services. He is not liable for the damage incurred by users or third parties as a result of the inability to use the WISfA web site services / e.g. due to force majeure / or in direct or indirect connection with this fact


The operator is entitled to monitor data from the WISfA web profile services for statistical purposes.


The operator is not responsible for the activities of the users of the WISfA web site services or for the way in which they use the services. The operator assumes no responsibility for the misuse of the WISfa web site services.


If the user breaches the conditions or rules, the operator shall be entitled to delete the ad inserted by the user, even if it was a paid advertisement, advertising, etc. The user shall not be entitled to any claim for refund.


The operator is entitled to edit or change any or all of the rules without the prior notice and consent of the users of the WISfA web site services.


 Any other relationships that are not set forth in these terms and conditions between the operator and the user shall be governed by the applicable laws of the Czech Republic.


The written terms and conditions enter into force and effect upon their publication on the WISfA website.